When uploading your main track, please follow these simple guidelines:
  • Please upload your fully mastered best version. If you can’t do mastering yourself and need help, please let us know before uploading tracks.
  • Make sure each instrument is In-phase – please double check this before uploading as this is a common error.
  • Your track should start at ‘0’. No silent pauses at the start of the track please.
  • Main tracks should be between 1.30 to 3.30 mins long – but that’s just a guide and length should be suited to the particular style of track.
  • You don’t need to fade in or out tracks, editors will do this themselves if they want to.
  • Production music can work best in sections (versus a traditional ‘song’ style), for example 8 bar part A, 8 bar part B, 8 bar part C etc.
  • Unless absolutely crucial, please keep away from tempo and key changes as they can make editing difficult.
  • WAV’s – we only accept tracks in .wav format.
  • No clicks or pops – please make sure the quality is the absolute best. It makes a big difference in selling your track.
  • Levels – set your tracks to a regular high loudness level. No extreme flattening, just a good loudness level.
  • Stems – once your main track is approved it is very helpful also have the raw unprocessed stems for your track (no masterbuss stereo or eq compression) – you can read more in the stems section.
Finally, we listen to everything submitted – so it may take us a while to get back to you with a response. If we don’t select your tracks please don’t be offended! It doesn’t mean we think you suck! It could well be that we just already have a lot of that particular style.
Though not compulsory, the following alternative versions would be useful:
  • Sting
  • 15 sec
  • 30 sec
  • 60 sec
Once you have uploaded stems (see stem section) we will create alternative versions of your track such as no drums versions, no melody etc. You do not need to create and upload these versions yourself.
We create loops from your stems. There’s no need for you to create loop versions of your track.
We strongly encourage you to upload stems for each main track that you upload. Providing us with the stem pack allows us to master your main track to get it sounding great and also from the stems we create alternative versions, loops and edits so we can give our customers lots of choice when purchasing your track – we can increase the sales you make.
  • Firstly, it is very important that the stem files are exactly the same length as your main track – otherwise our system will automatically reject them. Therefore if, for example, the main track is 2 mins long and you have a drum stem that kicks in once at 35 seconds, your drum stem should be 2 mins long with silence before and after 35 seconds.
  • Please upload RAW files (without any Mix effects like eq or compression or masterbuss)
  • Make sure tracks are in-phase (not out of phase)
  • Check parts are in Stereo like guitars panned properly
  • Check no distortion (peaking) • Watch out for hi hats being too loud and over bearing
  • 24 bit please
Here’s an example of a well put together stem pack
  •  All Electric guitars (check panning)
  • All Acoustic guitars
  • All Synths (can be combined with for example, Strings if only minor part)
  • All Strings
  • All woods
  • All Brass
  • All Piano
  • All Percussion (can be combined with, for example, Drums if only minor part)
  • All Drums
  • Solo melody part