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Kent asked 8 months ago

When you say this, do you mean the first submission you’d want is one of 10+ previously unlicensed tracks? Or are you saying that, once accepted, you expect at least 10 tracks out of the agreement?

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hannahsuckley Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Kent, here’s an overview of how the process works:

When you complete the form, you get the opportunity to send us links to any music you’ve written – it can be from another music library, or brand new material. These links should give us a flavour of the type of music you write.
From this, assuming we accept you, you’ll receive an email from one of our team members with log-in details for our composer upload area. You can then upload your first 10 tracks, which must be exclusive to us. These tracks will still be reviewed, though in 9 out of 10 cases, the tracks are all approved and accepted.

So in summary: we’re happy to review anything you send us in the first instance, but if you’re accepted, the tracks you upload to the Cinephonix site must be available exclusively to us.

Thanks – feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

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