By becoming a Cinephonix composer, your music can feature across our entire distribution platform, giving you maximum exposure and potential for sales.

We build our relationship with you around the core Cinephonix website This is the start of everything. To get set up on the Cinephonix site, you need to make at least 10 tracks available to us on an exclusive basis.

You can build your presence from there and get set up with our non-exclusive music libraries too if you want.

We also give you the opportunity to run your own music library business through our sister business Tune Bud. Start your own music library on your own website and license your music direct to clients – plus keep 100% of your revenue. You don’t need to be set up with Cinephonix to give this a try – check out for more details.

It’s quick simple to get started and work with Cinephonix. We listen to some examples of your music before we set up your account and shoot over our agreement. Once that’s complete, you can start uploading your music to us.

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