Below are some of our most commonly asked questions by composers, if your question isn’t here then feel free to contact us!

Our aim is to only promote music that can be made available exclusively to us. We recognise that allowing us exclusive use of your music has a risk to you. “What if they don’t use it?” “What if it never gets downloaded?” Because of this, we have structured our deal so that if your music isn’t downloaded more than three times in two years, you can have the music back and you’ll be free to exploit it wherever else you want. Why do we do this? Well, why do we want music in our catalogue that isn’t selling? And why should you lose the use of your tracks if we’re not able to sell them? We think this is a fair system.
We pay you 50% of the download fee for each track that is used by our clients. Of any performance royalties earned as a result of usage, we share these with you 50/50.
No, we don’t sorry. Some companies still do. When companies pay an advance, they generally don’t pay you a share of the upfront download fee. Also, they generally own your music in perpetuity whether it’s going to be used or not. With Cinephonix, our financial interests are exactly aligned with yours and if we can’t sell your music, you have it back.
The timing of payments depends on when our customers pay us - some pay us immediately on a pay per track basis, others pay us annually. Contractually, we report to you and pay money due to you every 6 months, but we also aim to pay you on a monthly basis for revenues generated by our pay per track customers, so you get your money faster.
Yes, please complete the short sign up form here and we will send you a copy of our agreement.
We’re always looking for all sorts of music. Our key criteria is whether it is a best example of its kind. Is it original or does it grab us emotionally? Our advice is always to write in the genre and style that you prefer the best and are most talented in. That way you’ll probably produce the best results. Once you’ve joined Cinephonix, you’ll find we send out newsletters and blogs about what music we’re lining up for release in advance.
First, read our technical guidelines here. Then, please sign up here and we’ll be delighted to hear from you!