About Us
At Cinephonix we like to do things a little differently. Our core focus is our high quality production music library. As we’ve grown, we’ve also used our custom built technology platform to add additional features that has created a family of music distribution options that you can take advantage of.
Before we get into that though, here’s a bit about us, our aims and our values:
We’ve been around for about 10 years now. In that time the music library landscape has changed dramatically. We’ve seen other music libraries launch with grand plans and then disappear. We’ve seen pricing models change and new markets develop. We’ve steadily grown and grown. We’re still small and we’re by no means world beaters (yet!) but we’ve been consistent and we’re determined. Our very first few composers still work with us. We think that says something about us.
Two things we always say to composers thinking of joining us:
1. If you’re an old hand in the music library game you’ll know this, but if you’re new, here’s something to remember: The music library business is a long term journey. Chances are you won’t become an overnight millionaire! Music libraries are all about you growing a steady stream of long term income. It’s like a rolling a snowball, but a snowball that sometimes rolls quickly, sometimes slowly. Quick or slow, it still grows.
2. Work with lots of different libraries – large and small. You might find your style of music works great and sells well in some libraries but does nothing in others. There’s no magic formula.
So that’s not a great sales pitch you say! Yes, we know, but it’s the reality of the business. And it says something about our philosophy too – we don’t try and over-sell, we don’t make huge promises to you. We just work hard, do our very best and with any luck you’ll still be with us in another 10 years.

Join Us, Grow With Us - Key Features

Exclusive & Non-Exclusive Music Options

Once we’ve accepted at least 10 tracks for the exclusive Cinephonix library you can also upload non-exclusive tracks to our non-exclusive music libraries.

Join an elite team

We’re selective and creative. Our clients keep coming back because they know we stand for quality not just quantity.

You’re in control

You choose what tracks to upload. If your tracks don’t make money you have a right to take them back.

50/50 share

We share revenues equally with you – are interests are aligned

Collection Society Registered

We register your tracks with our collection society so you earn revenues from TV broadcasts, commercials, radio and more

Monthly Payments

We pay you monthly so you get your money faster

So how do we work?

We said we do things a little differently so take a moment to understand how we work.

We aim to push music across our growing distribution platforms

  • Our core brand is Cinephonix - our exclusive production music library
  • We also operate non-exclusive music libraries at sites such as www.productionmusicnow.com
  • We manage music content and music libraries for other companies who want to offer music to their customers. For example, check out Soundfirm www.soundfirm.com and click on the music library tab.
  • We also give you the opportunity to run your own music library business through our sister business Tune Bud. Start your own music library on your own website and license your music direct to clients - plus keep 100% of your revenue. Check out www.tunebud.com for more details.

Across our distribution platforms, our aim is to provide simple, straightforward licensing, making it easy for customers to buy and use our music.

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Recent Placements
We've worked with film and TV production companies, independent video producers, advertising companies, corporations and web designers. Here's a select few recent companies we've worked with: